By: Isabelle swiger

Malta past

Malta joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. Malta is no longer a part of Italy. Malta is located near Tunisia, Libya, and Italy.

Flag and capital/ major cities

The flag is a representation of the George cross. The capital city is Valletta. 4 other major cities are vittoriosa, senglea, corpicua, and ลผabbar.


Physical features, government type and currency type

On physical feature is that Malta is dominate by water. Archipelago of coralline lime stone. The government type is parliamentary republic, and the currency type was the Maltese lira.

Malta interesting facts

1: calypso cave is said to be the cave that hammer wrote about in the odyssey. The cave it self isn't that great, but the views of the near by beach are. 2: the official languages of Malta are English and Maltese (sounds Arabic.) 3: in Malta everyone drives on the left side of the rode. Unlike us... We drive on the right.