By: Sarah Wutke

History of Boats

The oldest boat in the world is the PesseCanoe. It is made out of a hollowed tree trunk of a type of a pine tree. They called the canoe's back then "dugouts". This specific boat is held and exhibited in the Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands. They made this boat because most people lived near water and they thought it could be a faster way for transportation. At first they used logs and trees tied together to form rafts. So then they hollowed them out for better flotation and that is how they came up with the "dugout".

Cuban Boats

Cubans were trying to migrate over to the U.S.


better lives. They know their economy's future is slow and it will not end well for them. They were willing to paddle as far and for as long as they had too- just to get out of Cuba.

Modernized Boats

Today we have all different kinds of boats. Some are propelled by a motor and others use rows or a sail to move. Today, people put boats on the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, and swamps.Boatsare very popular in the United States and they even have boat rentals for people that don't own a boat. Cruise ships are very large and expensive boats that people choose to go on for vacation.

Cruise Ships

There are often malfunctions with cruise ships. In 1991 the cruise ship, Oceanos, sank off the South African East coast. Then from there the crew abandoned the ship and left the passengers. Another example is that in 2013 there was an abandoned Russian cruise ship and they still don't know the full story about what happened. Today's cruise ships are more


floating hotels. They have buffet's, waterslides, pools, and endless activities to do on cruise ships.

Ruby Princess Cruise Ship Video Tour


Sailing was originally a hobby of the rich, but now average people use it as an availability of free time. Sailboats can be handcrafted or factory made. It depends on the type of sailboat you are looking for, such as a racing sailboat, one for the ocean, or just one for enjoyment.



that makes them move across the water is just a simple piece of either triangle or rectangle fabric. Before fabric was around, they used animal fur as the sail.

Lake Boats

There are many different types of boats with motors that can be found on lakes. An example of a larger boat would be a pontoon boat. Pontoon boats were invented by a farmer in Minnesota named Ambrose Weeres in 1951. He was recognized as "Mr. Pontoon" in 1990 and was introduced into the hall of fame in 1991. Pontoons are slower drifting vehicles. They are made for a nice relaxing ride or for a party on the lake due to all the spacious room they have on them. Another type of a lake boat would be a speed boat. Speed boats are small motored boats that are designed for speed. Generally, speed boats are used for military purposes, to pull skiers or wakeboarders, to pull tubes, race other boats, or just to enjoy a day on the lake.

My Reaction

I liked this project because my family has a boat and kayak's so it was neat to learn about boats. I did not like this type of website because for some reason my words would not stay in line properly. It looks a little funny because we tried fixing it but it would not work.

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