10 Technology rules for Parents

Jasman Dhoot

Rule # 1 and 2

1. Not to download anything that could be a virus. Because it can ruin your computer.

2. Not to click pop-up emails. Because the pop-ups will just keep on coming up

Rule #3 and 4

3. Don't click on anything that you think is a virus. Because if you do the virus can ruin your computer.

4. Don't download or upgrade any software. Because it could be another virus.

Rule # 5 and 6

5. Don't use any social media site's because it can give away private information.

6. Don't text and drive because it can distract you while your driving, you put other's at risk when you do so.

Rule # 7 and 8

7. Don't talk on the phone and drive because when you do you distract yourself from the road other's could be injured.

8. Make sure that someone can't see your private information on your social media site's because people can check your private information.

Rule # 9 and 10

9. Don't fall for scam's that people send you on your email's, Because they could betray you and take private information and more.

10. Make sure that people can't take information from you and use it from themselves, Because It could frame you by using the information you have.

Rules of the Road for Parents in a Digital Age