Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Funeral Director-Ashley Glegola

Moving on...

In this very emotional time we try to make it less difficult for the loved ones whom are left behind. We have some options as far as caskets are concerned. We provide many services such as dressing and preparing the deceased for funeral services. We try to address any individual, cultural and religious preference as best as possible and do our best to meet every need requested.

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We also provide counseling

Funeral services are just the first step in the grieving process and we want to help with more than just the first step of the healing process. That is why we offer grief counseling, so that we can help in the next step of the process as well. It is a difficult thing to lose a loved one and by allowing us to help it can make things in the first couple of weeks a bit easier.

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About us

We are located directly down the road from Baker College of Jackson. We are centrally located in Jackson, MI and we are easy to find. We are available Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm, and per appointment or service.

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Services We Provide

We provide many services and options

  • We provide caskets, many different textures and sizes
  • We also provide flowers for said casket, given additional costs
  • We provide open or closed viewings
  • We mainly provide Catholic or Christian services, we can accommodate as long as a priest or preacher is provided given that religion
  • We do provide funeral services at the grave site, per request for no additional charge
  • We can play any type of music or video, per request
  • Any additional readings or poems can be requested as well
  • Beverages and a snack is provided, given the time of day, donuts in the morning and vegetable tray and cheese and crackers for the afternoon, per request, may be additional depending on quantity of people
  • Photos can be displayed as well
  • Any additional requests or requirements can be requested and will most likely be granted