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MalMath: Step by Step Solver

What Is It?
This app helps students solve math problems step by step. You can further your understanding of math units from trigonometry to algebra with in depth descriptions and highlights of key concepts.

How Can It Be Used?
Both teachers and students alike will be able to use this app. It will help provide support to those students who need extra help and time learning certain units and may be able to explain key ideas in a new light. Students can save and share their progress with teachers and others. It is a great app to ensure students are understanding certain topics. This can be used as a supporting tool with the classroom setting or at home for additional support or even homework!

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What Is It?
Quizlet is an app which allows students to learn material through quizzes. This app has several different ways of helping students learn from flashcards to multiple choice questions. It can be targeted to what the students are learning from exact information from the teacher to generic quizzes made by others.

How Can It Be Used?
Teachers are able to use this to test their students knowledge before exams! They are able to build their own quizzes or use from a selection found on the app. This is a great way for students and teachers to interact in a fun, engaging and unique way.

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What Is It?
This is an app that can help any student with spelling through the use of fun, engaging game play. Students have a choice between 10 different word lists and 8 popular games and chose which one suits their interests the best. Spelling has never been so much fun.

How Can It Be Used?
SpellingCity can be used the further develop the spelling skills of students. This would be great for a student struggling to understand sounds or for an ESL student. Educators can use this in a classroom setting to provide a fun learning environment.

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What Is It?
This app allows students to share their understanding on any topic through assessments in the form of multiple choice and long answer quizzes. Additionally, educational games are able to be played with this app during class or at home.

How Does It Work?
Educators can use this to help assess where each student is at in their respective classrooms. It can be used for formal quizzes or as a tool to help students learn in an interactive technological way.

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Poll Everywhere

What Is It?
Poll Everywhere is an online app or website that allows real time polling to happen. It creates a safe environment for students to share their knowledge, likes and understandings without their peers judgement.

How Can It Be Used?
This app can be used in multiple ways including: students asking questions and students answering questions. This can be used in a classroom setting for teachers to ask questions pertaining to specific topics or getting an understanding of class interests.