November 15, 2015



Save the Date for Reading Night and Holiday Program on December 3, 2015 @ 6:00 – 7:30. We need all staff members on board. There will be a sign-up sheet coming soon. We will need help with the holiday program, book fair, reading night and cookies and hot chocolate station.

The Parent Committee is asking each grade level to participate in Family Reading Night. We are asking each grade level and department to support Family Reading Night by providing educational reading flyer, book markers, or handouts for our parents and students. We have several examples and will share them on SWAP, but you should feel free to do your own reading handout. Just remember to keep it simple. Jeans Passes to those grade levels/departments who participate !

It will be a fun night!! Thank you for your time.


There are different types of detentions that staff have been utilizing -- in order of severity - 1.) quiet table lunch detention, 2.) lunch detention in the classroom, and 3.) before and after school detentions. When assigning quiet table detention, please make sure the lunch monitors are aware and also be wary of assigning multiple students to the quiet table, as it just provides them a different location to socialize, and the lunch monitors are unable to effectively monitor multiple kids at the quiet table and assist with other classes. When multiple students from the same class need a lunch consequence, it is best to utilize detention in the classroom. Some grade levels team up to take turns with grade level lunch detentions - good thinking. Before or after school detentions are permissible with parent notification. Thirty to forty-five minute detentions are reasonable. If it is before school, please make sure the student has a written pass to give the monitors at the door in order to walk to the classroom. Recess detentions are strongly discouraged by the district. Office-level detentions are determined by administrators/liaisons only.


Math testing will be on Tuesday Nov. 17 (K-1 is Tues and Wed).


NO tutoring next week. We will begin tutoring again Nov. 30th. Please remind your students in the morning and check that they have arrangements to go home at 3PM. This will prevent us from having late 4PM pickups for those students whose parents forgot.


Cookie dough pick will be Tuesday from 2:30 until 5. Please remind your students.


BOGO Book Fair begins with previews for classes/students on Monday and Tuesday 11/30 & 12/1. EVERYTHING in the sale is Buy One Get One Free! Purchasing begins Wednesday – Friday December 2nd to 4th. Purchases will start at 8:15 and end by 2:45 those days.

Teachers should make sure students have money to purchase AND tax prior to being dismissed from class. We will still have pencils and erasers. The least amount they could spend is $.54.


As shared at the staff meeting, the accommodations notebook will be utilized as a toolkit reference for ELL and SpEd students needing the extra support. This provision will also serve as an intentional planning piece for general ed and SpEd/ESL teachers to actually collaborate. The binders have arrived; the support teachers will assist with distributing them in the next couple weeks.


Reading/Writing TEKS Checks results will be disseminated this week and the Math TEKS Checks results will be ready after the break. Analyzing your data as you receive them will be most worthwhile and best practice, as well as updating your tracking forms for students of concern and/or students you are flagging for RtI. We will inform you about specific data meetings soon after the break.


Personal days must be requested at least 5 days in advance, and must be approved by the principal. Principals reserve the right to approve or deny personal day requests based on the needs of the students and school. Requesting personal days on Mondays or Fridays is strongly discouraged when substitutes are in high demand and low supply. Personal days may not be granted on days before or after holidays, testing timelines, testing dates, staff development days, field trips, or field day. A maximum of three staff members may use a personal day on the same day, thus the earlier you submit your request, the more likely your request will be approved. When you need to request a personal day, turn in a Teacher Absence form to the principal at least five working days in advance. These forms are available in the office. In order for an absence to be approved, a substitute MUST already be reserved, and the name of a substitute that has agreed in advance to teach for you needs to be included on the form. If a substitute is not found, the personal day will not be approved.

As we get closer to the holidays and the breaking point of the mid-year craze, and as subs become more in demand and low supply, we will be strongly enforcing the personal day policy going forward. Do not expect us to approve your personal day request if you have not followed policy. Please do your best to plan ahead. It is truly in the best interest of our school and our kids. When policy is not followed, it impacts other staff members and ultimately impacts our kids.


General rule of thumb -- Subs do not want to come back to schools who are not prepared for them OR who do not appreciate them. Remember, we forget how important they are until... we don't have them!

It's that time that several of you who have had multiple absences should be checking your sub binders. Please make sure your sub binders are refreshed and replenished with extra class lists and extra backup activities for your subs!


Shout out to our 5-6 boys basketball game who won their last game against Forest Lane Academy. The team Swagger basketball game will be playing again Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. Stop by for even a few minutes to cheer on our Stallions!


Anyone is welcome to submit entries to our weekly staff newsletter. Please email any submission requests to Carlene by the Thursday before publishing.

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Spectacular Performances from our 3rd and 4th graders!

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November 16-20

Hames - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

Gowdy - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Kamper - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Reynolds - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

J. Gonzalez - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Newman - Expedite Food Line

Afternoon Duty: Hames (cones- stand by front cones @ 2:45 to let daycare buses and vans through); Farmer and Harris (daycare)

November 30-December 4

Schwartz - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

Sebastian - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Melcher - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Ward- Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Coleman - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Seeto - Expedite Food Line

Afternoon Duty: Anderson (cones- stand by front cones @ 2:45 to let daycare buses and vans through); E.Williams and Reed (daycare)


Please join us for the Holiday Party! Click this link to say “YES” you are coming J
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* The Parent Committee, the Technology Committee, and the Friendship Committee -- for doing your due diligence at getting the ball rolling with your charge!

* Jameson Caten - for stepping up to serve as Secretary on the PTA Board!

* Our teachers with excellent sub folders and who provide sub support -- we received a compliment from one of our substitute teachers. She said that we are very prepared, friendly, and dependable as a staff!! Keep that going and word will spread!

* ESL & SpEd teachers - for continuing to support the charge to provide better accommodations for our kiddos! Your collaboration is essential to the success of our kids!

* Deby Hill and Marianne Evangelista - for leading our staff in best practices in modifying our teaching and accommodating our students.

** Elsa Williams and Donna Williams - for an amazing Veterans Day Commemorative Concert! The kids performed well, and we had a very strong turnout of parent support! YAHOO!

** OUR STAFF -- for your presence at the concert!! It was incredible to see so many of you there to support your colleagues and our students! We know that it's a tough time of year and time is so very important, but STANDING ROOM ONLY?!?! It makes an immensely positive impression on our entire school community, from students to parents to visitors to staff, so THANK YOU for supporting our cause. It truly shows that in the toughest of times, we stand together!


Charlicia Holloway – Nov. 15, Joy Tribble – Nov. 22, and Jennifer Crochet - November 25


  • November 16 & 17 -- NO TUTORING! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  • NOVEMBER 16-20 -- Grades K-6 Math MOY TEKS Check
  • November 17 – Cookie Dough Delivery

  • November 18 – PreK going to the Aquarium in the morning

    6th Grade going to Winspear Opera in the morning

  • Thursday, November 19 -- GLIMS -- Meet Today; NO STAFF MEETING
  • November 23-27 -- THANKSGIVING BREAK -- Gobble, Gobble!
  • December 1 -- Progress Reports for GP3 go home
  • December 3 -- Family Reading Night & Choir/Band/Orchestra Holiday program assemblies and concert (6PM)
  • December 11 -- Grade Posting Window Opens
  • Decmeber 16 -- SMU visits ACE (more info to come); Report Card Drafts due
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Happy Thanksgiving from your ACE Family!

As we prepare to take a break from the rigor and demands of our work lives, we want to take a moment to thank you all for your continued dedication and commitment to our kids. In the most challenging of times, we forget to recognize the positives, and we see the hundreds, literally hundreds, of kids' lives that we positively influence each and every day. Thank you for working so hard and thank you for making ACE a home away from home to your fellow colleagues, and definitely to our students. Happy Thanksgiving to your family, from our family here at Audelia Creek. Enjoy a well deserved break. Relax and Recharge! Mike & Rachel