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Principal Brief


One chapter in The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching that I found powerful is the section on Being Intentional. "Know Why You're Doing; What You're Doing" Tomlinson says that in addition to being demanding and supportive, teachers must also be intentional. Teachers need to continually ask themselves why they are doing what they are doing in the classroom and be able to provide research-based rationales for every instructional strategy they choose. One way to be intentional is to account for every minute of class time when planning. Winston Churchill once remarked " He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Some things to think about-
  • aim for bell-to-bell learning
  • embed learning into non-instructional time
  • break learning into discrete chunks of time
  • establish routines and procedures to reduce time lost to non-academic activities
  • reduce passing time

The importance of building relationships with students, developing a growth mindset, and encouraging students' curiosity and love of learning takes time. Not every minute of the day must be devoted to filling students' heads with knowledge but also to process information, set personal learning goals, connect with teachers and peers and engage in learning.

Principal For A Day- Please let your students and parents know about bidding to be "Principal For A Day". For all students that bid, I will have a snack chat with them in the afternoon. For the special Cool Cat that has the winning bid, I have an awesome day planned for them. He/she will help with crosswalk duty, take a tour of the ESC, make decisions about giving classes extra recess, wear the walkie talkie, eat a special lunch provided by me and much more! All proceeds go toward the Education Foundation. Please see the link on our webpage & facebook.

Professional Development Day- Thank you team leaders for sending your agendas. Krista and I will be in data meetings for most of the day. Plan to arrive at 8:00am, and take a 1 hour lunch. Lunch is on your own.

Day of Hope- We attended our Day of Hope with Shane Lopez. Shane's website is if you would like to know more about his research on hope. Our Ripples of Hope Day is in March and we have some neat things planned during rotations for your students.

Climate Surveys- The dates for the Climate Surveys are March 14-28. I will send out the link as we get closer to sending out the survey. Our goal at Hartman is to have at least 50% of our parents take the survey. You all do such amazing things in your classroom and I want our survey to reflect the greatness of Hartman. Research regarding surveys, is that usually people that are upset, respond to surveys. Those account for about 10%. The more we promote the survey the better we can get a true indicator for how parents feel we are taking care of their children. I know our response will be good, because I see how you take such great care of our Cool Cats every day.

Upcoming Dates:

2/15- PD Day

2/17- K-2 RTI

2/18- PTA Board Meeting 6-7:30 pm

2/19- 4th Grade Symphony Field Trip 8-11:30am

2/20 Last Day to Bid for Principal for a Day- Education Foundation Mardi Gras Gala