Wine/Culinary Cruises &Tours

You are the host, share your expertise and travel the world

Why be a Group Leader

  • You enjoy travel
  • An opportunity to share your expertise
  • Choose and itinerary or tour that is of interest to you
  • Travel Benefits for Group Leader

Global Destinations- Food and Wine Experiences

Why a Wine and Food Tour

  • Visit local Wineries and and explore their historic wine cellars
  • Hosted Private Tours and Tastings with local experts
  • Cruise or Tours regions along the famous rivers of the world
  • Celebrate wine/food festivals with exclusive opportunities
  • Private culinary experience with renowned chefs
  • Hands on cooking lessons -experiencing regional vegetable, oils, fruit

Travel 100 Group

Randi Closson, MCC
phone - 847-897-7012
Marcy Gelber, MCC, CTC
phone - 847-897-7011