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Getting Started

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You are now a member of the #1 essential oil company in the world! You have access to doTERRA's amazing products at an incredible price. Now begins your journey to better health.

Getting Started

You should have received a Welcome to dōTERRA email with your Wellness Advocate ID # along with your password. You'll need both to sign in to your virtual office: https://www.mydoterra.com/

Once you have signed in you can:

1. Set up, start and/or edit your monthly loyalty rewards program (LRP) order. You earn points towards free products so make sure to do this.

2. Shop the different products available, and learn about monthly product promotions.

3. Check on the status of your earnings if you choose to share the oils with other people.

4. Make changes to your personal dōTERRA website (purple tab on the far right)

LRP Basics

The dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits for monthly purchases. You can use these points towards free oils and other products, and the percentage of points you earn increases every 3 months with a monthly order of 50pv (point value).
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To set up your LRP: Sign in to your virtual office and follow the instructions in this video


Or feel free to call me and we can go through it together.

Love the oils so much you want to share your experience with others?

Within the first 120 days of becoming a new wellness advocate you can earn even more free products by sharing with others and referring them to dōTERRA through the "Share Program". You may also be eligible to earn some extra money through this program as well. Check out the video below and let me know if you are interested or have questions.
Share Program


Call/text me before you make your first/next order or before you enroll someone so we can make sure you are maximizing your benefits and go over any questions you may have.

And last but not least, if you have any trouble with your orders contact customer service at 800-411-8151 or through the chat line in your virtual office. They are super helpful with solving pretty much any issues.