The British Immagrants

General information

Reason to come to America

In 1607, about 100 men came to find gold in Jamestown Virginia. They came to find gold, and a better job for more money. Thirteen years later in 1620, a large group of both men and women came for a new church, and religious freedom. A big need for the British was land, they needed land, and working in their new jobs was difficult, they didn't get the money they thought they would. Finally the work payed off, the British got new land and a better place to live.

Were The Immigrants Settled

Almost all of the immigrants settled in the Virginia colonies (shown above), which is now the state of Virginia.


When the British first arrived in the us, they found they were under attack by the Indians already there. Some immigrants died of starvation. Soon the Indians decided to teach them how to grow food, hunt and survive. The British gave thanks for the Indians doings. They celebrated with turkey.

British Traditions

England has very strange traditions, cheese rolling bog snorkeling, all very strange things! Cheese rolling is a tradition held once a year at Coopers Hill, England. A 9 pound Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour. People then chase after it, the first person to grab the cheese and cross the finish line wins! Be carful though, cheese rolling has caused many broken bones and concussions. Another strange tradition is bog snorkeling. Yes, bog snorkeling. Two people snorkel race through a bog (swamp-like waters), and the first to finish the 120 foot race wins! People from all over the world come and race money for charity. There are surely more traditions than the ones listed.


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Were when and why they came:

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