Nuclear Fusion UNLOCKED

By: Lane Shirley


Hey my name is Gary, I'm a scientist at Wingate university and we have studied the topic of nuclear fusion for many years. I have tried countless attempts to create a safe way to use and store nuclear fusion. It took many years but today, 5/5/16 I'm repapered to release information on how I finally found out how to use nuclear energy safely.

Comparing Nuclear Fission/ Fusion

With nuclear fission, a large atomic nucleus (such as a uranium nucleus) breaks apart into smaller nuclei, and energy is released. With nuclear fusion, small atomic nuclei (such as hydrogen) join to become larger nuclei, and energy is released. Fusion of hydrogen releases much more energy than any other type of either fusion or fission. Note that the dividing line between heavy nuclei and light nuclei is the iron nucleus, which is at the perfect point of nuclear stability, so that neither fusion nor fission of iron nuclei would release any energy.
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Safety Conserns and Precautions

The possibility of a fuel melt down, radioactive waste (while it is less than fission is still a concern), possible release of tritium are always there but it can be prevented by proper disposal of the material and continuous monitoring of the plant.

Economic Impact

With this new discovery there will be many huge economic impacts such as: No energy limitations, full access without an excess of greenhouse gases, Much cheaper, leading to cheaper cost of energy, and More people would be able to afford/access energy.

(graph is an example)

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