Three in Two

Spend 2 quick minutes exploring 3 cool websites

This week: visualizations on the Web

With seemingly boundless data available on the Internet, it stands to reason that some creative soul would do something with it beyond generating a pie chart. Thankfully, many talented people have shared the fruits of their labor online, creating projects that transform information into captivating images and beautiful music.
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Hatnote: Listen to Wikipedia

Have you ever needed to bring a little calm to your classroom? Look no further than this website. See and hear edits to Wikipedia in real-time on this mesmerizing website - the resulting chimes and strums create a soundtrack worthy of a Zen garden.

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What Colour Is It?

Design studio Scn9a has created a clock that displays time in hexadecimal color value (that color palette used in displaying web pages). Color intensity changes by the second; how long will you stare at it to detect the shift?

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Information Is Beautiful

David McCandless, the information designer and data journalist behind Information is Beautiful, really hates pie charts and is committed to presenting information in visually appealing and useful ways. Browse by category or search by keyword.