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Do you want your child to ….

Read Books on his own!

Build Vocabulary

Speak Fluently & Correctly

Develop Confidence

Overcome Hesitation

Participate in Discussions

Give Presentations

Have Better written Skills

Develop his Personality

Have Effective Communication

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Every Tuesday and Thursday at The Learning Curve Play Baner Road


(Every Tues and Thurs) - Rs. 2000 p/m

Creating Young Readers is a program designed for children to help them learn to read. There will be an assessment to assure the child falls into the right level of session offered. The workshop series consists of several 90-minutes session that explore the stages of reading that every child goes through. The session is structured where a child get to do: reading, related worksheets, key words, story time - the story will be presented on big screen and at the end children will be encouraged to in-act the characters, unique action songs and learn to use their story box!


(Every Friday 4.15pm – 6.00pm) - Rs 1600 p/m

Do you like dressing up in your fav. book character?, workshop explored through movement, role-play, freeze-frames and other accessible drama techniques, Creative writing session where a child get to understand the character’s, behavior, description, following a story path.

Assures to create a BUZZ!!! in reading style for children

Level - 1 Beginners: Bunnies Beginning to Bounce

Level - 2 Fluency: Fluent Freddy Frog

Level - 3 Accuracy: Accurate Ally Alligator

Level - 4 Comprehension: Cool Comp Cat

Level - 5 Expand Knowledge: Expanding Elly Elephant