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The Capital of Singapore is Singapore

Singapore's population is 5,460,302
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Physical Features

The terrain is flat accept there are some mountains that reach 538 feet(164 meters)
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  • Singapore's importance declined after the 14th century as Malacca,on the west coast
  • A tiny village called Tamasket existed on the island prior to its establishment.
  • Japan inuaded Singapore during world war 2,forcing British forces to retreat in 1942
  • Lee Kuan Yew ,first named prime minister in 1989,led Singapore for 31 years

People and places

  • They spoke many different languages like Maly,chinease, Tamli and english
  • the religion was mostly Buddhist the lowest was other wich was 0.7%
  • the land is always hot,humid and rainy
  • There were more than 18,000 people per square mile in Singapore
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  • On the new years Singaporeans clean their houses top to bottom
  • They decorate with pussy willow branches
  • Thousands of lights decorate stores and homes during national good will.
  • Kids visited friends, relatives and neighbors who give them little envelopes filled with money


  • 87 members of parliament are elected by the people
  • 9 members are nominated by the president
  • Singapore limits the number of cars so people have to use crowded buses
  • taxis are another popular way to get around

Your Choice

  • walking around Singapore is like going to different countries
  • Little India is located across from china town
  • many restaurants and cafes are in the Arab street neighbor hood
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