Beluga Whales

Kate Mahoney

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Mammalia

Order Cetacea

Family Monodontidae

Genus Delphinapterus

Species Delphinapterus leucas

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Beluga whales can grow from 13 to 20 feet and weigh 2,000 to 3,000. 50% of a Beluga whale's weight is fat and their blubber is about 10 centimeters thick. Male Beluga whales are also slightly bigger than females.
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Beluga whales, also known as white whales, are the only whales to have flexible necks which lets them look in all directions. Beluga whales live together in small groups called pods and communicate through small noises such as whistles and clicks. Belugas can usually be found in the Arctic Ocean unless they are migrating south and are starting to become endangered from being hunted by polar bears, killer whales, and the Arctic people. They most commonly eat fish, crustaceans, and worms which closely relates them to the tusked whale, or the narwhal.

Anna & Nasucha White Dolphin (Beluga Whales)