Make a Wish Smore

Dahlson Brown

What WE Do

Make a Wish Smore is a once in a lifetime dream for kids that are extremely ill. They tell us their one wish that they have always wanted to come true, and we do it for them. We love to put big smiles on children that really need it. We make them feel loved, and they always have an amazing time. When they smile, we smile too! These dreams do not come true without you; please donate to our email listed below or our website. Make a difference in their lives!

Why WE Do It

Many of the people that work at Make a Wish have or has had a personal connection to someone that was terminally ill. It makes what we do very serious to us to help children have their last wish come true. We love seeing kids dreams come true. Nothing makes us happier when we see a twinkle in a kids eye because they are astonished that their wish came true.