Come to Minnesota

A Land of Possibilaties

Come to Minnesota Where Everyone is Treated the Same

In Minnesota theirs a big difference of how people are treated especially women. Even maids don't have to work in fields. Men with less land then another don't have to bow anymore to men with more land.

Minnesota, Land of Perfect Soil

The land in Minnesota is the freshest soil in the world perfect for growing crops. Miles and miles of land you could have for pastures or giant corn fields. Grazing cows and sheep won't ever get sick from eating Minnesotas perfect grass.

Minnesotas ways of travel

One frequently asked question

Is There Enough Land

Men and women have asked this question the most. "Is there enough space or land for me and my family?"

The answer to that is yes but land availability is plumiting down because of all the emigration. Hurry to Minnesota and get your own peace of land now.

Minnesota, Your Future

This is a place where Christians are accepted and peace and beauty are achieved. This land is great and wealthy with vegetation. Many lumber mills Could be made and that means many job oppurtunities. Minnesota your future.