You Are Now A Freshman

By: Logan Quigley


Hello, I am Logan Quigley. Welcome to Honors English 9! Mrs. Allen's classroom is full of joy and excitement. She also has good Febreze spray! Anyway, Honors English 9 is a great course to take. Be on time, have fun, participate, and you might just do amazing! She gives a lot of work but you can do it!


Units of Study

  • Cold Sassy Tree - Cold Sassy Tree is a novel we read in the course. It is decent in length, with a huge packet with questions to answer. It is a very good read, coming from a nonreader. We also worked with partner(s) on the packet.
  • Speak - Speak is another novel that we read during the year. It is about the struggles of highschool, with an unexpected event that unfolds in a flashback. The book is actually very short, but a good read definitely. We also watch the movie after! :D
  • The Odyssey - We read about Odysseus in the Odyssey. This follows learning a bit about the Iliad, which ties in with the movie Troy (awesome movie with ACHILLES!!!). This is a long, but fun nonetheless novel/play/poem. Odysseus is put through many challenges, and you join him.
  • Poetry - Poetry is the last thing you study in Honors English 9. You writer poems, read poems, think poems, everything is poetry. You have Bronx Masquerade, a book about high scholars writing poetry. You also watch Louder Than A Bomb, an event about spoken word poetry (Adam Gottlieb is a little crazy, his dog talks to him).

Independent Reading

You read about 4 or 5 books this year by yourself. There are also assignments to go along with those books. Mrs. Allen is always excited for new books. My personal favorite was Twisted. It was realistic fiction, also being the most recent book I've read. I recommend it to anyone, it is about troubles in high school and what the law can do to you. Also, DO NOT procrastinate like I did. I waited until the last minute every time, except for Twisted. It is not a good habit to have.



My favorite thing about this class is the atmosphere. As soon as you walk in the room, you feel a little happier. Mrs. Allen is always upbeat and happy. It makes me happy on bad days. I am going to miss it a lot!

Not So Favorite

My least favorite thing about this class is the amount of projects you get. Sometimes you can have up to 4 assignments and projects all due at the same time. It gets chaotic, but I got through it and so can you!


My advice is obviously, do not procrastinate. Do not even think about that word, not even half of the word. It will come back and bite you if you wait. I waited and did projects all in one day, and trust me, IT SUCKS. Do it while you can and you will be worry free. Besides that, just be happy and do your best.

Top 5 Ways To Be Happy and Be Successsful In The Class

  1. Make jokes about the content you are studying.
  2. Put papers where she says in your binder, it will be better in the long run.
  3. Be on time and up to date with assignments.
  4. Sing the songs she plays in class in a monotone voice, she will laugh.
  5. Have fun (Not too much) and participate in class.


"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby

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