Teaching what I know

by caleb martin

What is a computer?

A computer is a device that is made up of multiple components and used for many tasks, such as creating documents, recording videos, and playing games to mention a few of them . A computer is any device that has access to the media, whether it be a smartphone, laptop or gaming system


Back in the early nineteen hundreds computers were huge and made of multiple components to complete multiple tasks. As time developed, so did the computer, it became smaller and and more complex for more functions.

Progress & other systems

Proper ergonomics

The proper ways to go.

To use a computer right, the basics need to be learned. A person needs to sit upright and be level with their entire body.

Personal vs Multi-user

Computers are often classified into two types. Personal and Multi-user. Personal computers allow one user to use an account and cost between a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars and are based around a microprocessor. A Multi-user computer, on the other hand holds more acounts and can be used for multitasking.