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January/February Edition

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Introduction by Rowynn

Hello Dragons! Are you ready for a new newspaper? Well I hope you said yes because we have one ready for you with fun activities, new jokes, and many more things to do and read! I heard that there's an art video that shows you how to draw a snowman!!! So get comfortable and get cozy to read this month's edition of The Findley Kids News!!!!!

Current Events by Akanksha

Of course, the book bus is still there. You can go to the school on Mondays and Fridays to collect your books. Also, every Wednesday there will be a book bus traveling through the neighborhood. Each neighborhood would have a designated time. So you don’t even have to go to school to collect and return the books!

This is just news, but we might start hybrid! Grades kindergarten through second grade will start anytime after April 5th. Grades third to fifth might open a little later.

We also have the “Where in Portland is Dr. Marsh.” During the assembly, Dragon Riders will give clues to where exactly might Dr. Marsh be. Email your guess to Mr. Temple-Morris.

3rd to 5th graders can also sign up for OBOB! We will do it in zoom this year. And like usual, there is the passport club and art literacy. That’s it for this month's current events.

Poetry by Story

I Have A Dream....

Martin Luther King, the man who shattered barriers built by the past,

Wasn’t always who he is now.

He was just a little boy, told what to do and how to do it,

When others were not.

One of the little boys who noticed what was really happening,

how being yourself should not be something by appearance,

When others turned away,

he stepped forward.

He looked for the light when it was dark,

He found the sun when there were clouds,

He build the bridge of hope over the fastest river,

He guided those without lights through the cave of shadows,

and he realized that

one doesn’t stop sleeping with the possibility of nightmares.

He knew that when rain pours on a leopard,

It may get him wet,

But it will never wash away his spots.

When he followed this, he followed his dreams,

and they never watched away.

Dr. King had a dream,

That we could all be together in harmony,

That we could be together,

All races,

A community united.

And he worked towards

his dream

That we are still working to fulfill today

But that has been all of our dreams all along.

We still work towards

His dream that made our world a better place

“Through a mountain of despair,

is a stone of hope.”

The path that we can make.

Because Dr. King taught us that we can always stand up

for what we think is right,

no matter what others say.

And if we work hard enough,

And never let the rain wash our spots away,

Then we can thrive as a world.

But we can’t do anything alone.

Because not only can we thrive alone,

Not only can we thrive together,

But we can thrive united.

How to Draw a Snowman by Asmitha

Snowman Drawing Tutorial!

Creative Writing by Rishan

Devious Advice

One day, Timmy woke up and discovered that his parents had stepped out. However, his mom had left him a note.

The note read:


Your father and I have gone out for a while. We will be back by noon. I trust that since you’re 10, you’ll be responsible enough to manage yourself in the house while you are alone. Your breakfast is on the table, and I have a list of chores for you to do:

-Make your bed

-Finish your homework

-Feed the fish

-Fold your clothes

Once you are done, you can read, draw, or do something productive until we get back.

Love, Mom

Now, what Timmy’s mom did not know was that Timmy was not alone. There was someone else in the house (and I don’t mean the fish): Timmy’s imaginary friend, Devious. He was a devil that tried to get Timmy to do bad things. This is a perfect time to strike, Devious thought gleefully.

Timmy and Devious walked downstairs to eat breakfast. On the table, there was a pile of pancakes resting on a plate, dripping with maple syrup and topped with a strawberry. Timmy’s favorite food!

“Hey, let’s play Pancakes On the Ceiling!” suggested Devious. Timmy was hungry, but didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings. Timmy and Devious had fun tossing their pancakes up to the ceiling and letting the maple syrup work like glue. Soon they ran out of pancakes... and the whole place was sticky with maple syrup dripping from the ceiling. Timmy did not want to eat the pancakes now that they had touched the ceiling and the floor.

A small piece of pancake fell into the fish bowl. The fish dashed to nibble at it. Timmy glared at the fish, who was now enjoying the meal. “No food for you, fish!” he scolded as he picked up the pancake piece and tossed it into the trash.

“Yeah, let’s not give him any food!” declared Devious. The fish had to go without food that day.

“What do we do next?” inquired Timmy.

“I know! Let’s play dishball! It’s like dodgeball, but with dishes!” Devious exclaimed. Timmy loved dodgeball, so he agreed immediately. They had lots of fun flinging dishes and hurling plates (luckily, no one was harmed). Soon they ran out of dishware to throw.

“Oh boy, that was fun!” said Timmy, panting. “What now?”

“Let’s jump on the bed!” suggested Devious.

“Yeah, let’s do that!”

Pretty soon the whole house was shaking. Timmy and Devious jumped on the bed like it was a trampoline. They were so busy laughing and enjoying themselves that they failed to hear Timmy’s parents come in, until they heard his mother scream -


Timmy froze mid-jump. He scrambled off his bed and ran into the hall. “Uh . . . hi?” Timmy tried.

Timmy was grounded for a month. His parents were extremely disappointed in him, and Timmy learned his lesson well. Sometimes Devious gave some terrible advice but he should stop, and think for himself and decide what is right for him, his parents, and others.

A Fun Look At Distance Learning by Ayushka & Mihelee

Zoom Stereotypes

Jokes, Riddles, & Findley Fun by Story

Hello everyone and welcome to the Findley Kids Newspaper! This is the place for jokes, riddles, and fun! I hope you enjoy these activities and fun puzzlers today!


Q: What is a witch’s favorite subject?

A: Spelling!

Q: What did one ocean say to the other?

A: Nothing, it just waved!

Q: Why did the kid cross the playground?

A: To get to the other slide!

Q: Lettuce and Tomato were having a race. Who won?

A: Lettuce, because Lettuce was ‘ahead’ and Tomato was still having to ‘ketchup’!

Q: What did the hamburger name his daughter?

A: Patty!

Q: Where did the cow go with his friends?

A: To the moo-vies

Q: What is the only type of key that can’t open locks but can open bananas perfectly?

A: A mon-key!

Q: Why do people tell actors and actresses to break a leg?

A: Because every show needs a cast!

I hope you enjoyed the jokes for this month! Let’s now turn it over to the riddles!



Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: A stick!

Q: What goes up but never comes down?

A: Your age.

Q: What has a face and hands but no eyes and no mouth?

A: A clock.


Q: There were two people, Clark and Taylor. They were walking along when it started to pour and rain really hard. They didn’t have any umbrellas, and didn’t have any shelter. When they finally got to where they were going, Taylor’s hair was soaking wet, but Clark’s hair wasn’t wet at all. How could this be?

A: Clark is Bald! (Idea from Sleuth and Solve.)

Q: What has a head and a tail, but no body?

A: A coin.

Q: What has 13 hearts, but can’t move?

A: A deck of cards.


Q: What has a bed but never sleeps, what has a fork but never eats, what has a mouth but never talks, what always runs but never walks?

A: A river.

Q: I am as light as a feather, but the strongest person in the world can only hold me for less than 5 minutes. What am I?

A: Your breath

That’s all for this month! I hope to see you soon on our next edition of the Findley Kids Newspaper!

Comic by Ronit

How to Play Softball by Sydney


One of the rules of the game of softball, is when you are hitting you cannot step out of the box. When you are hitting if you do step out of the box you are automatically out and the next person is up to bat. Another rule of softball is, if there is a pop up in the infield the batter is out because of the infield fly rule. Another rule of the field is when you are in the way of a runner, and the runner is running to a base and you get in the way it is called obstruction on the fielder and the runner will automatically get a free base.


One piece of equipment you will need is a bat. The kind I like is a Xeno Bat made by Louisville Slugger. It is one of my favorites because it doesn't have a lot of weight on just the end of the bat like other bats do. I have had a lot of hits with that bat so it is my favorite. Another thing you will need is a softball. I like the softballs with seams sticking out because for a pitcher it is better to have a ball with seams. Another thing you will need is a helmet. When the pitcher throws the ball it can go anywhere and can hit you in the head and if you don’t have a helmet you will cry. I know from getting hit a lot by bad pitchers.


How do you field you might ask, well, the first thing you will need is a glove so you can field a ball if it comes at you. When you are ready you are in a high squat, on your toes ready to get the ball. Another thing you have to do when you are fielding is you have to always have your feet moving to get the ball and throw it wherever you need to throw it. Hitting the Ball

One of the steps of hitting is keeping your eye on the ball. It is the most important thing in hitting because to hit you need to see the ball to hit it and just maybe it will go far. Your arms also need to be bent because it helps you have more power to hit the ball. When you hit your back heel needs to go up because it also gives you more power to hit the ball.


The first step is, swing your dominant arm back that you're going to use to pitch. Swing your arm back and kind of feel your arm or fingers swing across your pant leg or short leg. That will help you know that you are going to throw the ball in their correct spot. When you are warming up you always want to pitch hard or keep your arm moving fast. You also need to remember to get your brush because it helps you pitch better.

Conclusion by Rowynn

Dragons, I hope you liked the newspaper. I bet you did lots of the fun activities. Did you like the jokes? I hope you did. Sadly, it is the end of the January/February newspaper. But don’t worry. We have another newspaper coming out in March and it will be super fun like this one. So, be on the lookout for our next newspaper. Bye for now Dragons and don’t forget..... We Got This!

That's all folks! See you next month.

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