WEEK 7, JULY 29 - August 2

with Sra. Beverly Myers

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Week 7

We are beginning our final countdown! We only have 12 days left to go! Our course will close on Friday, August 9 @ ll:55pm. Please encourage your student to work hard and get those assignments completed! Time is running out! Students only have 1 more weekend to work on any/all assignments. I am currently communicating with students/parents about student progress. If you have questions about your student's progress, please don't hesitate to contact me.

This week we are working on Unit 7, Las Profesiones y las Carreras. (See schedule of assignments below.) Please note that this unit has 5 lessons. Next week we will finish up with Unit 8 and also the Final Exam/Final Project (Friday, August 9). The Final Project counts 20% of the final grade (Exam-10% and Project-10%).

I am also including next week's Schedule of Assignments (below) for Unit 8 and the Final Exam/Final Project.

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Final Project Information

The Final Project consists of a Final Project Exam (10%) and a Final Project (10%), a total of 20% of a student's final grade. In addition, students need to attend a combined RLC next week for Unit 8 and the Final Project. For the Final Project itself, students need to "showcase" what they have learned this summer semester by using vocabulary and grammar from all Units 2-8. Students can pretend to go on a trip to a Spanish speaking country and do a slide for each of the units and/or be creative in whatever way he/she would like in order to create the Final Project. The main thing is that students try to incorporate as much vocabulary and grammar as possible from all the units we have studied this summer (2-8). Click here for a detailed list of what students have been studying this summer. This is a great check off list for students to use when studying for the Final Exam and for creating the Final Project.

Project for Units 7/8

Due to the end of the summer semester quickly approaching, we are changing the way students will submit the Project for Units 7/8. I put this information in an announcement on Monday for students:

  • Instead of a Units 7/8 project like you have completed for the other projects this summer, you are going to create 3 extra slides linking units 7 (las carreras y el trabajo) and unit 8 (el arte) as part of the final project. You will receive a grade for these extra slides which will count as your Unit 7/8 project.
  • You will put these slides in your Final Project, due Friday, August 9 @ 11:55pm when your Final Project and Final Exam are due.
  • You are going to describe 3 different careers as an artist (singer, architecture, painter, composer, etc). For each one you should answer these questions with content:
  • ¿qué tendrá que estudiar o aprender para vivir de su profesión? (use the future verb tense)
  • ¿qué tendría que hacer este artista para encontrar trabajo? (use the conditional verb tense)
  • ¿qué es lo bueno y lo malo de ser artista? (use LO + adjective constructions)
  • ¿a qué artista de este tipo de arte admiras? [use "qué" and "cómo" to express surprise or admiration]
  • Make sure you use the grammar requested and vocabulary from the units.
  • Cite your pictures.
  • Include an audio different than your written narrative.
  • Check listas de vocabulario.
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End of semester information for students

Today, I am texting/emailing the following for students, asking students to insert his/her name and email/text me the statement. Please check with your student that he/she has sent me an email/text with this statement to me and that he/she understands the upcoming deadlines.

I, _____________________ understand that our class will close on Friday, August 9 @ 11:55pm. In addition, I understand that I will complete 3 slides for the project for Units 7/8 by Friday, August 9 @ 11:55pm which will be included in the Final Project for the class. Next, I understand that I am to submit a Final Exam and a Final Project (including the slides for the project for Units 7/8) that will consist of grammar and vocabulary from Units 2-8, which count as 20% of my final grade, also due by Friday, August 9 @ 11:55pm when the Final Exam and Final Project will close. Unit 8 and any other missing assignment(s) from Units 5-8 must be submitted by this deadline. Last, I understand that there will be no extensions to these deadlines.

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How are grades calculated?

Grades are automatically updated and available in Canvas 24/7, so there should never be a question about what a student's grade is at any time. All teacher-graded assignments receive detailed feedback. It's critical for the students to check their grades/feedback daily and inquire with the teacher if they don't understand something or feel that there is an error. Students have until Friday, August 10, to complete work for our class.
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Signing up as a Parent Observer in Canvas

It's not too late to signup and be an observer in our class and see what your student is accomplishing in our class!

CLICK HERE for the step-by-step details to sign up as a Canvas Observer in our class! We would love to have you in our class!

Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Myers