Texas And The Oil Boom!

By: Ava Blackburn

The Start

The oil boom was revolutionary for Texas. We discovered a technology that we didn't even know was possible yet. But it all started with Spindle top.

Spindle Top

After spindle top Texas erupted into development. After the Hamill brothers struck oil Texas was changed forever. This was a mile stone for Texas and the entire country. Because we reached technology that we didn’t even know we had available to us. The Hamill brothers would become legends, after they discovered oil at spindle top. This started the oil boom.

Spindle top was a mound created by an underground salt deposit. Many had guesses that oil would be there and they were right. As the brothers were reaching the last few meters one of the brothers heard something bubbling and looked down to see a dark liquid rising up. Just then a gusher larger than anyone had ever seen before erupted. It started pumping up to 80,000 barrels a day. Then the oil boom happened.

Socially things changed after spindle top was discovered. People began seeking oil. Towns suddenly appeared on the map because of the high demand of oil. The towns that had oil fields were wealthier because oil was the corner stone of the market. Population rates rose dramatically because everyone wanted a piece of the oil market. Another thing to deal with was divorce. Oil towns had the higher divorce rates because the husbands were gone all day, and wouldn’t help the wife’s.

Economically things may have been worse, or maybe better. We didn’t know it at the time, but oil would power the 20th century. For a while oil by the barrel would be cheaper than water because there was so much of it. Because there was so much oil, more coal could made helping power trains and heat homes as well.

Political aspects of the situation were important as well. There was segregation when it came to jobs. African Americans couldn’t get the same jobs as whites. While whites could get high paying oil jobs, blacks were forced to have lower paying jobs that didn’t have as much of the benefits. Oil towns were the wealthiest because oil jobs were some the highest paying jobs, and if you struck oil more money would come your way.

What Was It Like?

Products Made From Oil

After oil was discovered many oil was discovered many products were made from oil. Just like this trash bag on the right. This was another thing that people discovered could be made form oil.
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When oil was discovered towns suddenly appeared on the map. Like shown here the counties with most oil barrels, will have the highest population.
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Time Line

Many important events happened during the oil boom.
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