By.Nikolai villanueva

Words that discribe me

  1. Hidden
  2. rage
  3. deadly
  4. sadness
  5. hatred
  6. betrayal
  7. liar
  8. dark
  9. fighter
  10. afraid

pictures that moved me


  1. carving
  2. fighting

pictures that represent me

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my sorrow

worst thing is i know they will never know who i am

Biggest influences in me

the biggest influence on me was when a good friend told me to hide my pain and anger

favorite book and movie

my favorite book is outsiders

my favorite movie is outsiders

favorite poem

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my favorite quote

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place i have visited that impacted me and why

Arizona it is where i was raised
Hey Mama-David Guetta FT.Nicki minaj And Afrojack (DIESTO REMIX) -Trap Nation