Least Weasel

by,Ash latham- anime profile

About the Least Weasel

Least Weasels have a long slender body , a narrow head , a long neck,and short legs.They have large black eyes,large round ears,and the feet have five long toes with sharp nails.In north america the Least Weasel is about 30 to 55 grams with males slightly larger than the females . Their total length ranges from 165mm to 205mm and their tails range from 22mm to 42mm.Their fur color is chocolate brown and has little white spots on the pads.The Least Weasels fur in the summer is about 1cm in length and in winter it is about 1.5cm in length.In the winter their fur turns all white in the Northern hemisphere but in the Southern hemisphere their fur stays brown

Thank you for learning about the least weasel! By Ash latham ,Got information from www.BioKids.com