Rwandan Genocide Virtual Museum

Primary Sources


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This image shows the various weapons used throughout the Rwandan Genocide in massacring the Tutsi population of Rwanda. The weapons used, as shown above are the machete, knife and club, These demonstrate how violently the killings of Tutsi people were, and how the Hutu population would have blood on their hands.


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This is an excerpt of Christine Shelly's speech at a State Department briefing on June 10th 1994. It shows the opinions and reactions of those not in Rwanda who knew about what was happening.


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This is a copy of the cover illustration for the 7th issue of Kangura, an anti Tutsi publication. In issues of Kangura such as this one, ethnic hatred was promoted. This source can show historians some of the sickening attitudes of the Hutus and the propaganda displayed in Rwandan media.


The Courage of Neighbors: Stories from the Rwandan Genocide

The above video clip interviews both Hututs and Tutsis. In these interviews they recall the acts of humanity and horrors of the 1994 genocide. In this interview, the experiences of the moderate Hutu who risked their lives trying to protect their Tutsi neighbours. This shows historians the different views of people in Rwanda and retells the story from different perspectives.


The above video is a testimony from a perpetrator of the Rwandan genocide, Samuel Babuzyobajya. The testimony offers valuable insight into the mentality of those who participated in the killings, and what motivated them to do the things they did to their fellow Rwandans.