The Things They Carried

Flyer by Daniel Ortega


"The Man I Killed" is about Tim looking a body that he killed about giving backgound about him. His squad tries to snap him out of it as Tim stands there looking at the body the whole character.

"Love" takes place in the future where Jimmy Cross visits the narrator where they both talk about the war. Although they do talk about other things, the character is mostly foused towards Martha and Jimmy.

Important Passages

"He could not picture himself doing the brave things his father had done, of his uncles, or the heroes of the stories. He hoped in his heart that he would never be tested. He hoped the Americans would go away. Soon, he hoped." (O'Brien 125) This quote shows that the person they killed didnt want this war, that he didnt want to fight or die.

"At breakfast the next morning she told him she was sorry. She explained that there was nothing she could do about it, and he said he understood, and then she laughed and gave him the picture and told him not to burn this one up. (O'Brien 172) This quote tells what happens in the end between Jimmy and Martha.

Discussion Questions

What message are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war? What is the impact war has on people?

The author was trying to show how the war was from jimmy and others who fought in it. He did it by touch different parts of the war and the after mat of it. He shows the feelings the soilders felt towards the enemy. The war impacted them by the losses they had to deal with.

Image Analysis

This image shows what i picture when they talk about the squad going on patrolso r them just being together.
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Connection to Media

This song is one of the many popular anti-vietnam song that shows that many of the people back home in america wanted this war to stop.
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967