Calling All Agents!

Send us your distressed deals let us get them closed quick!

PropertyMAX Is Looking For Distressed Properties To Fund ASAP!

Do you have access to failed short sales, sellers who need to sell fast, or do you know of anyone who has a property that we could buy? Yes, you will get a full commission and we will close as fast as the seller can provide title. We pay cash thus no waiting for financing with. We will even pay you a referral or bird dog fee if you bring us a deal. Bottom line is that we need to buy properties NOW. Now is the ideal time for you to earn a commission and help your sellers.

Our sweet spot is a home that can be purchased for less than $100,000. We are not looking to steal the home, but we do want to buy below market. Rehab is not a question, we will buy homes that need work. But, we prefer not to install a new roof or rewire the home.

Help yourself and us by sending us deals, NOW. Make your months income before St Pat's day by sending us a deal. Don't be afraid of the deal, just send it and we will make a quick decision.

Don't Be Shy! Send Us Your Deals Today!