Newsletter Week 3 Term 4

Meeanee School 2nd November, 2022


On Monday the 5th of December we are going to hold a school concert evening. This will hopefully be a nice relaxed evening where our Meeanee families can come together. More detail to follow.

The behaviour at Meeanee School shows that students are using their school values. However outside of school there are other influences upon children. Social Media is causing problems for some of our students. People outside of our school can make comments and threats. We do not tolerate this at school, so please if you do let your child have a cellphone and access to one of the social media platforms check what messages/images are being sent and received.

Student cellphones are now banned from coming to school.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,


PB4L Weekly Goal

Our School Values are very important to us here at Meeanee School. We believe in showing Respect, Excellence, Empathy, and Perseverance. While our students are in school or sports uniform we encourage the display of these values.

This week students are focusing on putting away their sports equipment at the end of breaktimes.

Duffy Awards for Adults

As part of the Duffy Award system we sometimes receives book awards for adults in our community.

On Friday we awarded two such books and certificates to Jane Dewar and Ricky Blunsdon. Jane, as a grandparent, is a massive supporter of school helping out whenever she can on school trips and ferrying child to sport. Ricky always puts his hand up to take sports teams for us and is currently away on camp with Papakura. He also runs trainings outside of school hours for our students.

We have such a supportive community so it's great to be able to acknowledge people. We had another lovely grandparent weeding our front garden on Friday after she spotted a need.

National Shake Out Day / Tsunami Hikoi

We had a fantastic drill for National Shake Out Day on Thursday. Each class completed their 'Drop, Cover, Hold' routine then lined up outside because it was a 'Long, Strong, Be Gone' earthquake.

Students quickly lined up at the front gate and we started walking towards our meeting point at Taradale Park.

We had plenty of adult support, and the students performed the drill extremely well.

Pool Update

The weather is starting to look a little better so Taylor's Pool Service has finally been able to get underway with painting the pool. They have now emptied the beautiful green water, water blasted, sanded, and completed their first coat of paint. Let's hope in the coming weeks the pool will heat up fast so we can get swimming soon.

Sunday Market

Taradale Sunday Market is happy to support local, and is open weekly. For more info contact or look on facebook.

Upcoming Events

  • Papakura at Camp - Monday 31st to Friday 4th November
  • Chess Tournament - Friday 4th November
  • Robotics Tournament - Friday 4th to Saturday 5th November
  • School Athletics Day - Monday 14th November
  • Papakura at the Sportspark - Thursday 29th November
  • School Concert Evening - Monday 5th December
  • Year 8 Leavers Dinner - Wednesday 14th December
  • End of Year Prizegiving - Friday 16th December 11am (school finishes at 12pm)