Rights of the Unborn



a surgical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. It is a highly controversial issue in the United States as well as other countries around the world. The rights to abortion are dealt with through the differing opinions of legality, morality, women's rights, the rights to the life of the baby and medical confidentiality. Issues arise also with the safety of the procedure itself.

Most Women Do Regret Their Abortions: The story of Mabel and how she helped others choose life:

The story of Mabel and how she helped others choose life:

I chose abortion because I felt like I was not ready to have a family. My boyfriend at the time was willing to marry me, but I was in college. I did go to confession straight from the abortion. The priest told me to help other women for my penance. I have tried over and over again to volunteer, but because I am not a professional counselor, I get turned down.
I feel forgiven and I did attend a Rachel's Retreat. That was very good.
I feel like I could have looked at giving my baby up for adoption if I had known better.

I just want to help other women now.

About Us:

We as a group are against abortions and promote a woman's choice to keep her baby. We believe abortion is never a option no matter what. If you are struggling with the decision the have an abortion contact us and we can help you find the reason to keep your baby.