Black Fish Documentary Poster

Killer Whales


In the documentary Blackfish, Gabriela Couperthwaite provides stock footage, subjects, and interviews to prove that Orcas shouldn't be held in captivity and that SeaWorld/Sealand hid things from the public eye and even from their trainers.

Stock Footage

Example 1: Capturing the Orcas

-Connection to purpose: In our opinion when the whales were being captured it made us feel said and upset that they were removing these whales from their families.

Example 2: Actual footage of whale trainers interacting or being seriously injured and even killed by the orcas.

- Connection to purpose: Owners of Sea world blame the trainers who were killed by the whales.

Example 3: Whales are being mistreated or abused by the other orcas.

-Connection to purpose: Whales who are being mistreated by the other whales react the way they do towards the trainers because of the way they were treated by the other orcas.

Tourist's Camera Rolls Seconds Before Killer Whale Attacks SeaWorld Trainer


Example 1: Former Sea World trainers explain how the witnessed the way these whales reacted towards the trainers(death).

-Connection to purpose: Sea World owners lie and flaunt as if they don't or didn't know the whales are capable of killing.

Example 2: Trainers tell the truth on how Sea World has been lying and keeping secrets from them in order for them to work with them.

-Connection to purpose: In order to keep employees, Sea World owners didn't inform the trainers of the previous attacks nor did they attempt to either.

Example 3: Interviews with two other witnesses who were watching the show.

-Connection to purpose: When they explained what had happened it showed us that they shouldn't be held in captivity especially being that we don't know how the whales feels so that means the whales can react in any way towards anyone.


Example 1: Talking about Tilikum and how they captured him.

- Connection to purpose: Showed Tilikum's story, what they believed led to the attack and how intellectual Orcas really are. Strengthened our opinion on how they shouldn't be held in captivity.

Example 2: Talking about SeaWorld/SeaLand

- Connection to Purpose: Showed us how they hid secrets from the public eye and even their trainers in order to cover everything up so they wouldn't lose money.

Example 3: Former Trainer Dawn

- Connection to Purpose: Showed how SeaWorld blamed her for the attack claiming how she did things wrong when she hadn't. Used her a reason to cover it all up afraid of losing money


In Conclusion after watching the film of the orcas and how they interact with trainers we believe that Sea World blame the trainers mainly for anything that happens to them. Sea World owners change the stories around to keep themselves from getting into trouble. We believe that they don't care about others as long as they are making money. We also don't believe that the trainers are treated fairly either. Sea World makes bad decision on how they handle problems there.