Be unique at Discovery College!

Consequences of conforming, DIY individuality!

"Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself" -H. Fierstein

Discovery College students and staff should express themselves and pursue in their individuality throughout their style and personality, accepting each other for their true inner identity.

In this article, learn the hidden consequences of conforming and learn how to be a true individual yourself!

Conformity vs Individuality

Students in the modern generation are overwhelmed by peer pressure to conform, to be who they are not. Although Individuality have been called out into the community, students are yet to explore their inner selves, still unconsciously being the millions of moons, looking up and orbiting that glowing star, shining with happiness and originality.

So dump that Jansport bag! Toss those O2COOL spray bottles! Forget that new sunglass trend! You know who you are deep inside. Be you, and no other! Be the star in a million moons! Work on yourself, as if you are a blank canvas, ready to be painted on with strokes of creativity.

DIY individuality!

• Having a different brand bag than others

• Small tweaks with your appearance

• Show appreciation for things others hate

• Having your unique sense of fashion & style

• Voicing out your true, honest opinions