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Are you interested?

To be able to be interested in nursing you have to like working with babies and kids. Regular pediatric nurses need to be able to work with kids under 18 specifically. Regular duties include recording and diagnosing symptoms, observing patients, administering a variety of different test and working with parents, telling them how you can treat the illness or injury.

We always looking for new people. We are always hiring new pediatricians, so we can be successful in business and help our patients be trustworthy of our workers. We hope that new mothers will come to The Fountain Clinic for the baby’s first checkup. We love to see our patients grow and we hope that they have a healthy life.

Why is it so important?

What do I need to do in order to be a pediatric nurse?

There are a lot of different work values and skills you will need to be a pediatric nurse. I will give you a couple you will need. To be able to be a pediatric nurse you will need to be able to work and care with babies. You need to be able to work with big equipment because you might need to work with one with a child. You need to be able to work and care for the children and their parents.

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Here in Jefferson city, Missouri pediatric centers normally stay open 12 hours a day! Here at Jefferson City Pediatric's we stay open at least 15 hours a day!

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