Interactive Whiteboard for your iPad

What is Educreations?

Educreations provides an interactive whiteboard on your iPad that will record your voice and annotations to create presentations to show what you know. Although Educreations can only be created on the iPad, they can be viewed on the iPad or any browser once they are published.

Big downside to this app: there are no "mulligans". If you mess up, you must start over....all the way over. Every single slide!

What do I need?

The Educreation app must be downloaded to your iPad. You will also need to create an Educreation account in order to upload final presentations or to have access to the links or codes from the presentations on the iPad.

How can I share my Educreation?

Educreations can be shared with a link or an embed code.

Student creations made in the teacher's course can be shared only with a link. If you wish for students to be able to make their presentations easy to embed, they would to create under their own account.