The CashBurgers Times

Owen Miller

Track Practice at BVMS

On April 7th, 2015, yet another opportunity for the students in Bay View Middle School started its events. The track season started, and many students came to the first practice.

"I'm ready," said Matthew Arnoldi.

The entire practice started just after school and went until 4:30. Each coach took an initial group of kids and each group rotated through six stations. They were sprints, abdominal exercises, weight lifting, calf/ankle exercises, stairs, and laps around the upstairs hallway. All of these stations were meant to get them ready for their first meet in a few weeks.

"My muscles are nice and tender," said Monty Wendricks.

What the next practice holds for these kids is receiving their uniforms and warm up gear. Later this week, they will be tested for their times in various running events. Even though the students can choose which events they run in, only the fastest of the students will be placed in the relays where the students pass batons around the track.

This is a great opportunity for people of all ages, and hopefully it will stay that way in the future.

Balloon Battle!

After school on Friday, February 27th, the students in the Aquarius house of BVMS got together for their mid-quarter incentive time. This is their story.

They decided to replay balloon battle, a game they played in the 7th grade. It is played by each member of a STRIDE(homeroom consisting of about 16 students) tying a balloon by string around their ankle.

As they got ready, a few kids were pumped.

"Let's go!" said Matt Ashley, a boy in Mrs. Bahrke's STRIDE.

They then release all of the kids from about 7 STRIDEs into the middle of the gym to pop each others' balloons by only using their feet.

Many of the students went try-hard, which means they were trying at least six times more then they needed to. They were sprinting, spinning even jumping, which was against the rules, to avoid getting their balloon popped.

In the death circle, a small circle to fit 7 students in, the finalists were fighting to keep their last balloon. It was well-fought, but the students ran out of time because the buses would have left if they would not have ended the event. The champion will never be known...

Field Trip of a Lifetime

The morning of April 13th, 2015 was very special to the students of the Aquarius House at BVMS. They were about to travel to school a bit early to go on a field trip, their first of the year outside of an incentive time.

As they got to school, they put their lunches in coolers for later, and loaded onto a total of three buses. Shortly after, they were moving down the road to Milwaukee. The entire ride consisted of reading, talking, sleeping and playing cards for a few. However the kids decided to pass the time, they thought it was a rather long ride.

Finally, as soon as they got to their destination, the teachers put a new twist on things. They handed each of the kids a five page packet to fill out while they were looking at the exhibits.

"That's bogus!" said Ben Flisakowski, a student of the Aquarius House.

The day for them went quickly as they were having fun and filling in their packet at the same time. Just after lunch, they viewed a 'Tesla Lives' electricity show.

"Brilliant." said Evan Hanrahan, another student.

They finished up at Discovery World and headed home very shortly after that. All the students did agree, however, that the day would have been significantly better if they did not fill out the entire packet.