Wired on Wednesday

April 6, 2016

OneTab Chrome Extension

Here's a quick way to share a list of sites with students. When culling sites, keep each site you want to share open in it's own tab. After you have all your sites, click the OneTab Chrome Extension to gather all your links into a single list which can then be shared as a webpage. Simply give your students the OneTab url and voila...they have all those links on one webpage that took no time to create!

FHSD Wireless Availability

While the guest network is not available on personal devices, the FHSD Wifi IS AVAILABLE on all district issued devices. That means the iPads and laptops from the Learning Commons (or any cart set up by our district technicians) will work in your classroom. Please keep this in mind as the busy season of EOC and AP testing begins and limits our space.

Check our schedule for availability here and contact us to make your reservation.

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National Library Week is April 10-16

Help us celebrate libraries (or learning commons as the case may be) every day next week! We will have contests and prizes for staff and students as well reminders of the many ways the LC transforms.

To get things started, add a comment to this padlet link to let us know the biggest way libraries have changed since you were in school. One lucky respondent will receive a Wehrenberg movie ticket! (Winner will be selected Monday afternoon at 3 p.m.)