It can effect anyone

What is it?

Terrorism is when a group of people threaten people in order to try and get what they want. Whether they want a law enforced or want to ban one, and etc. "Domestically, the US government has established a number of agencies designed to help fight terrorism, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and others" (Terrorism at). This shows how hard our government is trying to fight of terrorism but hasn't been able to completely get rid of it.

Why is it a problem?

Its a problem because of all the people who are put in danger. "On September 3, 2004, a group of 32 Chechen and Arab terrorists invaded a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia" (Terrorism in). They held just about 2,000 people as hostages. It consisted of children parents and teachers. A lot of people were killed and so many others were put into serious harm. They threatened to blow up the school. Imagine all the teachers that got killed who could no longer educate the kids that have the chance to change the future. Terrorism is destroying our world and killing innocent which is why it is a big problem.

The damage it has done to us and the world

How can you raise awareness?

There are many ways to try and spread awareness "Global counterterrorism organizations work together on a regular basis to disable terrorist group and prevent attacks" (Terrorism in). If these organizations are coming together to prevent awareness then that means we can too. It just takes a group of people who know enough on the topic and who could spread the word about it and how it's affecting our world. You could even make a website about the topic. Many people might not know the damage terrorism has done to the world but as long as more and more people come together, we can have an army much bigger than theirs.

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