Rock Your Summer!

What an awesome August we're having!!!!

Hey Fabulous Girlies!

I just have to gush over how proud I am of each and every one of you! I have such a wonderful and supportive group of gals here and am just so thankful to know y'all!

And a big big welcome to Dekia! She is just an amazing gal and I know that her energy and wisdom are going to be a great addition to our team. I can't wait to see what you accomplish once you set your mind to it!

We are having a great month and are rocking our summers! Of all of the gals on Stef's team that have earned level one, we have the most on our team! What does that mean? Y'all rock! Super congrats to Beth C and Adrienne on earning the Neeya Earrings! And Beth C is only $600 from earning the bracelet! We are all cheering you on!

I know that I shared my August goal with y'all at the beginning of the month- to hit my Star pay rank and earn that Silver Pegasus. Here's an update: as a team, we are about $4500 away from making that happen! Wow! That's so awesome with 10 full days left in the month! My goal for the last 10 days of the month: sell at least $1350 more!

I definitely need each of y'all's help to get us there! Just to break it down- if each of y'all sold only $400 (think about it- that's 3 getaways or 3 Suttons!) we would be there easy peezy lemon squeezy! Check out below to see some fun incentives for getting us to that Star team level!


How are we doing so far?!?

Me: $2,677

Michelle: $983

Beth C: $1,274

Kelli: 0

Amanda: $944

Denise: 0

Mary Kay: $1,100

Adrienne: $333

Tina: $220

Beth Q: $530

Dekia: just started!

How the heck am I supposed to do this?!?!

Here are some great ideas for getting those sales!

  • Host a pop-up shop! I contacted my uncle yesterday to see if I could set up a happy hour at his business for the gals (and guys) who work in his office. It's a great time to get a sweet back to school charm necklace or get early Christmas shopping finished!
  • Reach out to customers with our Trunk Show Exclusive offers! If you know someone who was eyeing up one of the pieces, let her know she can snag if for half off!
  • If you need one more qualified show for the Rock your Summer challenge, set up a mystery hostess show, collect those orders and raffle off the rewards!
  • Do a fundraiser! Think of a charity/cause that needs your help! The great thing about S&D is that it is sooooo flexible! I just closed a show that donated over $300 in style rewards to the Women's Center of a Hospital in GA. The hostess picked over 15 pieces to donate to the hospital to be used as little gifts to brighten the day of a mom or big sister whose baby is in the NICU at the hospital. Gals love to shop for a cause, and that is the MOST successful way to host an online trunk show! Other options- donate style rewards to "Dress for Success" or a teacher (for back to school) or any other gal in your community who could use some sparkle in her life.
  • An idea from another leader- if you have 50% items hanging out in any show that you have hosted- reach out to your best customers or gals who have their eye on something. Let them know that you'd love to offer them an item at half off if they pick up anything else at full price. You'll earn PCV and commission on the full price item, and they'll get something at half off! Happy!

Ready, Steady, GO!

Thank you all so so much for all that you do! Please Please Please reach out to me or the other girls on our team and let's help each other achieve whatever success we set our mind to! If that success is to sell $4000, great! If that success is to get the courage to pick up the phone and chat Stella and Dot with a potential customer or hostess, great! Your success is up to you and I would LOVE to help you make a plan to get there!

Love you all!