Sales Promotions

Premium item giveaways

When a company gives an opportunity for the public to get an item. It helps the company to get their name out there.

Assassins Creed Black Flag

buy the game during Christmas and you the premium set of the game Assassins Creed game.
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A promotional scheme to where participants compete for prizes by accomplishing something that requires skill.

Win an Ipad

An example of a contest would be entering the contest by doing the survey to maybe win an Ipad.
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A race or other contest for which the price consists of the stakes contributed by the various competitors

Enter for a chance to meet Mari Smith

An example of a sweepstakes would be entering a sweepstakes and maybe getting the chance to meet Mari Smith. This is a good example because many people will enter in order to meet Mari Smith.
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Sample marketing is offering a small portion to its consumers to get the consumer to like the product and buy it.

Food Samples at a Baseball Game

An exampling sampling promotion would be someone giving out free samples of their product at a baseball game.
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Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase displays is the marketing materials or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting.
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Concession stand at a basketball game

An example of a point of purchase display is an advertisement placed next to the concession stand promoting the consumer to buy 2 soft drinks for $5 dollars.

Special Events

Special events are held to help build their brand image and awareness of their product, as well as helping generate trade merchandising.

Half off all drinks in May

an example of Special Events would be doing a promotion that all drinks are half off in the month of May at a Rangers baseball game.

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Couponing is the practice of distributing discount coupons to consumers as a form of product promotion

Free beef taco from Taco Bueno

An example of couponing would be to give out a free taco at the end of the game only if the Mavericks won the game.
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