Climb into eternity!

Join us, and other young adventurers in Testosterone packed expeditions!

We have served various clients, ranging from nobles, celebrities, members of powerful families, and shall I not forget, adrenaline junkies much like yourself! My clients partake in quite a luxurious experience; at the end, you not simply be on top of the world, you will be on top of the people who are on top of the world. Imagine yourself, on the shoulders of giants, surrounded by the 3rd world peasantry of Asia. Your name will be set in stone for thousands of years to come. You will become a Radical Roper.

We use some of the safest and most logic tactics for scaling the Mount.

Garaunteed safety.

Over our 30 year history and our documented 200 climbs, we have not had a single casualty. Thanks to our thorough examinations, we quickly eliminate people who are deemed unfit, or incapable of making the trek. Accompanying us along the whole journey is our medic, who served as a Corpsman during the Vietnam War; he will ensure you survive, lest an accident happen.