The Giver

By Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Jayda Usher

Book Summary

In a place that knows no pain or has no diversity that seems all too perfect lives an eleven year old boy named Jonas. Chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory Jonas learns that the world was once a different place. As Jonas unearth's the dark secrets of his world he believes that it should all change for the better even if it is deemed wrong within the community. With guidance from The Giver Jonas is determined to bring it all back. He wants to bring all the memories back.
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Understanding, Intelligent, and Courageous eleven-year-old boy Jonas has the ability to see beyond. At the Ceremony of Twelve he is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory. As his training takes off he begins to learn that his world is not what it seems. With the memories he's acquired and guidance from the Giver Jonas sets out on a journey to bring the memories back to his community.

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared."

Teacher-Like Questions

  1. When a Birth Mother gives birth to twins, what is the protocol within the community for them?
  2. What was the belief of Sameness among individuals in the community?
  3. Under what circumstances can a community member be released?
  4. What technique is used by the Giver to train Jonas and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

Overall Rating

There were certain aspects of the novel that I favored and others that were of displeasure.


  • Character Development - Some of the aspects that I favored about this novel is how the author established the plot of which involved characters that paved the way for the course of the novel.
  • Stirrings - I found the concept of "Stirrings" and the effect it had on Jonas very interesting because of all of thoughts and emotion that helped to establish the mood in this part of the novel.


  • Release of the Old - I dislike this process because I believe that the Old should live as long as they could and that the days of their lives should not be decided upon by any other member of the community but themselves.
  • Family Units - I dislike the family units because the children are placed with other members that they don't know, and each member should be able to love who they choose, not who are chosen for them.