Staying Connected in EVSC

RDS Parent Access

Parents can keep track their child's grade, discipline history, and attendance through RDS Parent Access. You can find the link in the upper right corner of the EVSC homepage. (

Google Suite

All students have a Google account for access to GMail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Chrome, and other apps connected with Google. This allows for communication between the students and teacher, allows for ease of workflow, and makes showing student work more engaging. The email address that accompanies this access is

Teacher Created Websites

Teachers will often create their own space to share information with students and parents.

My Big Campus

My Big Campus (MBC) is an online social learning environment that allows educators to collaborate with each other to share lesson ideas, assessments, and resources. Not only is this an option for teachers to share out important information, links, videos, assignments, but it can be used for digital assessments.

EVSCStudents is the homepage for student devices. From this page students can access information important to all students in the district, login to Google, Achieve3000, MyBigCampus and more!