Paw Prints

By: Zack James

By: Zack James

Humpty Dumpty

Egg Injured After Having a Great Fall

On March 19, 2000, in the country of China, something mysteriously happened. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Sadly, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty back together again. Soon after, the king’s men took him to the Fairy Tale County emergency room and the doctors put Humpty back together again. Almost all of us know that Humpty Dumpty is very clumsy, but after he got out of the hospital, he told reporters that he was pushed, by a creature of some sort. Humpty told the police what he/she looked liked.The police are on the hunt looking for this person, but have not found him/her or any evidence of this mysterious person. No charges have been made against anyone.

Current Event

A shooting and crash left 3 people dead on Thursday. The bloodshed closed the Strip for about a block and a half around some of its biggest draws. leaving tourists looking at a wrecked maserati, a burned-out taxi, and 4 other vehicles.It started about 4:20 a.m. with a dispute in the valet lot of the Aria hotel, about a block spilled onto the street as someone in a black Range Rover Sport fired several shots at the Maserati as it headed north on Las Vegas Boulevard. When the driver was hit by the bullet, the Maserati continued into the intersection of the boulevard and Flamingo Road and hit with a taxi, which caught fire. The sports car's driver, the cab driver and a passenger in the taxi all died; a passenger in the Maserati and three other people in the resulting pile up were hurt.

My Favorite App

NBA 2K13 is my favorite app. It’s my favorite app because it’s all about basketball, and that's what I’m mostly about too. I love basketball. It’s also probably one of the best sports apps for the ipod/iphone. You can create your own team and play. It doesn't have the best graphics, but it’s still a good app.


The Answer

By: Zack James

At 6 foot, 165 pounds, Allen Iverson was one the best point-guards ever to play. He was born in Hampton, Virginia and went to Georgetown University. He started his career in 1996 and played for four teams. He was also an 11-time all-star and played for 14 years. Sadly, he never won a NBA championship, but he won the Most Valuable Player award in the 01-02 season. Many people called him the “Answer”, because he was the answer to anything. He could pass, shoot, and dribble almost better than anybody. He was one of the NBA’s most skilled ball handlers. It was a shame to see a future legend fall like he did. He is now 37-years-old and has four children, but many people still wonder if he’ll make a comeback in the NBA.

Movie Review

Space Jam

Swackhammer (Danny DeVito) wants more people to come to his amusement park planet, Moron Mountain. So, he sends some of his little underlings to go get them, whether Bugs and Co. want to go or not. But, on the advantage of their size, Bugs challenges them to a basketball game. If the Toons win, they get to stay, but if they lose, they go to Moron Mountain and stay there forever. Soon after they made the bet, the underlings turn the tables and steal the talents of professional basketball stars and become huge! Bigger than the Loony Tunes. When they found out about this, the Toons decided they need some extra help. So, in desperation, Bugs Bunny calls on the aid of Michael Jordan (Himself) also known as the Babe Ruth of basketball, to help them have a chance at winning their freedom.
Space Jam - Music Video


School Uniforms

I believe all students should not wear uniforms because we should not be forced to wear something we don’t want to wear. It’s not really fair at all. Also, people might want to wear or look different from everybody else, because maybe they are weird or something. Some people may feel better in different styles of clothing.