TKAM - Real World Comparison

Scottsboro Trial By: Moriah Rogers

Scottsboro Trial

What were the Scottsboro boys on trial for? Did they actual commit this crime or not? How do you know?

The Scottsboro boys were on trial for supposedly raping two girls, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. The Scottsboro boys did not commit this crime because during the trial the court found out that Victoria Price was indeed a prostitute. Tests show that there was no signs of struggle, crying, bleeding, or bad bruising. If she was raped like she claimed then there should've been signs of bruising, bleeding, or at the least, crying. More tests show that there was no sexual interaction between Victoria and any of the Scottsboro boys, but with another man. Which further enhances the statement that suggested she was a prostitute. On top of that, some of the Scottsboro boys were not physically capable of committing this crime. And the most shocking of all, Ruby Bates even came out in front of the court and admitted that none of the defendants touched her or even knew her or talked to her. (1)

Describe Alabama's, including the jury's reaction to the boys and the trial.

Mobs of people flooded to the jail the night of when the Scottsboro boys were arrested, but nothing happened because the governor of Alabama ordered the National Guard to protect the accused. The gigantic crowd outside of the courthouse gave shouts of approval when they heard the first verdict was found guilty. The jury, despite all of the evidence against the prosecutors, proceeded to a 6 - 1 vote to death sentences for seven out of eight men.(1)

How is this case similar to Tom Robinson's trial? How is it different?

This case is similar to Tom Robinson's because even though all evidence was in the Scottsboro boys favor, they were still found guilty. The only reason being is because they are black. The Scottsboro boys and Tom Robinson both were accused of raping a white women. In both trials, the people of the town were in favor of the white people. Both of the prosecutors accused the defendants of rape in order to cover up something else.

The trials were different because in the Scottsboro case there were multiple defendants and plaintiffs, and in the Tom Robinson case there was one defendant and two plaintiffs, Mayella and Bob Ewell. Tom Robinson was old enough to have a wife and family, but the Scottsboro boys were younger, the youngest being thirteen years old.(5)