Kaylie and Isabella

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Land form/Geography

Florida is in the Southeast U.S.A. It's a peninsula, and it is bordered by Alabama, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Everglades is a fun place to visit because of their swamps,live animals,and mangrove trees. And don't forget a lot of beaches with warm water and water parks. The Florida Keys are also another fun place to visit. There's a lot of coral in the Coral Reef State Park.


For some history visit the oldest wooden schoolhouse in St. Augustine. So I'm going to tell you about Florida in the olden days! The Native Americans first came to Florida. The tribes were: Calusa Indians, Timuca, Apalachee, and Tequesta! The first European to go to Florida was Juan Ponce De Leon! He named Florida after the Spanish word for full of flowers. In the 1845 Florida was admitted a slave state by the union. Then Henry Flager built a railroad around the East coast.

Fun facts

The old Capitol building of Tallahassee was used until 1978.