The Union

"The Good Wife". A More Perfect Union.

A Brief Overview Of Labor Unions.

Labor Unions are an organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests. In the Union, there is a lot of types of Unions. For example, the Auto Union,The Labor Union, The a Teachers Union etc. They would also do something called strike. They would Strike because Americans spent hours farming, working and attending to house tasks. As the USA became industrialized, many people had to work more hours. Working conditions were often unhealthy and hazardous. As a result, more and more people called for social and economic reforms/ go on strike.
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This picture shows one building of union back then and now.

The Union Today

Toady, the unions are not very the same as they are back then. Today the Union workers are paid a lot more, they have safer working conditions and they don't have to work as many hours. But back then, they didn't have much of what the Union now has. So the Union today is a whole lot better than it was back then. Today there are a lot more types of Union too.

The Union Back Then

The Union back then was not a very good thing. They had hazardous working conditions, they got paid squat, they worked as long as their bosses told them to, and if they got injured or died, the Union didn't have to do anything! For example, the "Coal Miners". They didn't get any safety equipment, but if they did, only a couple people would get a hardhat. If the mind collapsed on them, the Union did NOTHING about it. So the Union was a not the best thing back then.