The Gilded Age

What is the Gilded age?

The Gilded Age was an era of enormous growth, especially in the North and West. This attracted millions of emigres from Europe. Coined by Mark Twain. It was became this because people became obsessed with gold.

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The Bloody Shirt Campaign

The Radical Republicans coined the term "Bloody shirt campaign" to signal that reconstruction is not over and we still have to rebuild. This came about during the 1868 election where Grant was the republican nominee and became president.

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Corruption of the Gilded Age.

The Gilded age was filled with corruption. Greed was high during this time. Boss Tweed was a good example of this by back kicking funds from New york to himself. He gave companies extra money so they give it back to him for choosing their company. Thomas Nast uncovered this and exposed him and made him fall from governor to inmate.

Compromise of 1877

President Hayes won the elections but the democrats claimed that Tilden was cheated out of begin president. So the democrats and republicans made a agreement that if Hayes did these moves as presidents they would accept them as president.
  1. The removal of all federal troops from the former Confederate states. Troops did stay in some state till compromise was final
  2. The appointment of at least one Southern Democrat to Hayes's cabinet.
  3. The construction of another Transcontinental railroad using the Texas and Pacific in the South.
  4. Legislation to help industrialize the South and get them back on their feet after the terrible loss during the Civil War.

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