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April 2021

Newsletter #47

The Growing Season is Underway!

Spring has sprung and so have some of our plants! We are busy planting and transplanting, watering and weeding, getting beds and fields much to do in this season of preparation and growing. While we are busy planting we are also looking forward with anticipation to harvesting fresh produce and readying CSA shares.

CSA 2021 News

Thank you to all our wonderful CSA subscribers. We appreciate all of you! Our goal for CSA 2021 was to fill twelve shares. We surpassed that goal and, as of April 30th (Early Bird Deadline day), we will have thirteen shares sold. Sounds like a lucky number to us! We are so thrilled to be working with this many folks who are interested in local, small farm agriculture. The original final deadline to sign-up for CSA was May 28th, but everyone responded so quickly that we can now announce that we are full this season. Hurray!

Our first Flea of 2021 is coming up fast! We will be at their new location on Saturday, May 8th from 9am-3pm, with plenty of Jungle Jam and Juicy Jam. Now located at 365 E Boardman Street in Youngstown, Ohio, it will be an inside and outside shopping experience. Check out their website to see all the awesome vendors and to learn how the Flea is following COVID-19 safety protocols to help everyone have a great time. #ShopSafe while #SupportingSmall We hope to see you there!

Property Clean-up

Our crew has been hard at work this Earth Day month on some big clean-up projects. They found some areas full of leftover junk from when this property was a garden center. After digging out and sorting all the litter, GG filled up a scrap metal dumpster and a rubbish dumpster. Now that part of the property looks so much better! Another day was devoted to loading old wood onto a trailer to be taken away, making another corner of the property ship-shape. Our folks are definitely not afraid of hard work!!
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April Update ~ List of jam available

We always have some Jungle Jam available for purchase.
We also have our organic catnip toys available.

​Current Flavors at Goodness Grows: (This will change next week!)

Jungle Jam:

Blueberry Jalapeno

Cranberry Jalapeno

Hot (Jalapeno Habanero)

Pineapple Habanero

Juicy Jam:

None currently available

Give us a call at 330-549-9408 or contact us online to arrange a pick-up or delivery.
Jungle Jam is also available at Reach for the STARS in Salem.

Jungle Jams contain hot peppers - either jalapeno, habanero, or both.

Juicy Jams are our limited special fruit jam - no peppers here!

April Had All the Seasons

Freezing cold and snowy. Hot and perfect for shorts. Cool and cloudy. Warm and sunny. April had it all! We have enjoyed watching the crazy weather and spending lots of time outside. We even had a butterfly release already. We look forward to many more of those in the coming months. No matter the weather, we always have fun and enjoy the beauty of this piece of property in North Lima, Ohio!

Into the Woods

One of the favorite activities here at GG is nature walking. Our crew loves to hike through the woods, visit the stream, catch bugs, skip stones, and enjoy nature. Clearing the paths to keep our woods accessible is one of the big jobs that we work on. This week we even had some new friends, Adam and Logan from Central State University, join us on a woods walk. They are going to give us some guidance on how to best steward our woods, and also how to improve our greenhouses. If you ever want to volunteer with GG on path clearing, weeding, or anything, just let us know. We'd love to have you visit and volunteer!

Check out our website & Facebook page to learn more!

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