Protein- The Ultimate Body Builder

By Geoff Mosseau


To me protein is the most interesting macromolecule is protein. I think this way because if you eat protein the right way than you can become the most fit and have the best body out of all of your friends and family. WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT!? Another reason why I think protein is the most interesting molecule is because it is something so simple but it can bring such great results if you use it right. Some of the elements that are included in protein consist of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. In your body protein is used to build and repair tissues. Protein is also the foundation for all muscles, cartilage and skin in your body, this can create a good foundation which can lead to a healthy life. With a good amount of protein you will have very healthy nails and hair. Protein is what hairs and nails are mostly made up of.

Examples of Proteins

Some examples of proteins are Steak, Peanuts, and Eggs. These 3 foods all have a lot of protein in them and are essential to building muscle mass and getting into better shape.