A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks

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Describe a picture you had in your head while you were reading. (IR paragraph)

In my book, A Walk to Remember, I can visualize a lot of events. When Landon finds out Jamie is sick with leukemia, he has all different kinds of emotions. I can picture in my head that his face is drawn from happy to sad. He is trying to hold is sadness up in a bottle, but the tears spill down his face. He is so angry that the love of his life is dying. Meanwhile, Jamie is just crying and shaken up. As Jamie dies, slowly her appearance changes. First, her skin turns a grayish shade and she looks tired all the time. Her weight is always dropping and there is no way to fix it. When ever Landon visits Jamie, they read from Jamie's small pink, bible that Landon adapted. Overall, A Walk to Remember, is a book filled will descriptive detail and emotion.
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Landon finds out Jamie has cancer. He has mixed emotions