Roadies Week in Review

AUMC January 3, 2016

New Year =New Sunday Schedule

We kicked off the new Sunday schedule today with great success! As we began 2016, the church schedule returned to two Sunday morning service options with one Sunday school hour. This allowed us to have a class full of amazing people and we look forward to seeing everyone again next week! It was really exciting to see so many new faces and we look forward to getting to know each of you.

Contemporary Service @9am/Sunday School @10am/Traditional Service @11am

Lead Your Family Like Jesus

We began a 6 week study today titled "Lead Your Family Like Jesus" with the first lesson titled To Lead is to Serve. Today's lesson reminded us that Jesus wants us to be servant leaders in our families and He even showed us how. Our take home challenge for the week is to have your family take part in a "calendar-clearing" exercise. To do this, make a list of all the tasks you perform in a typical week, categorizing them as ones(have to do), twos (should do), threes(enjoy doing), and fours(things I am afraid to say NO to). Cut out the fours and some of the threes and see how your family can grow closer by using some of the time you save.

We will continue the series next week with chapter 2, The Heart.

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Opportunities to Grow in Faith This Week...

M&M Fellowship for ladies is Monday night (Jan 4) at 7pm. Join other ladies of the church for this monthly activity led by Trudy Smith. This week we will be sharing soup and making soup to donate to those in need. Please bring a dry ingredient to add to the soup.

Men's Weekly Breakfast is each Thursday at 6:30am at the Aledo Diner.

Prayer Concerns

*Please pray for Bob, Staci Smith's Brother-in-law as he will be receiving a much needed bone marrow transplant thanks to a recent match.

*Joy for Sam Smith as she was released to participate in all activities again after a severe broken arm. Yay for great healing!

*Continued prayers for Kelly O'Donald's mom who was hospitalized this week with Septicemia.

*Prayers for Larissa ter Veer's sister and brother-in-law. Sister is at home recovering from surgery with small children to care for while husband is traveling to attend services for his Grandmother who passed away.

*Prayers for Sabra Smith's Mother-in-law who was taken to the emergency room today.

*Continued prayers for all those experiencing loss from the recent tornadoes.